Saturday , April 4 2020
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Fiat sold in Italy several of its models through Amazon


Makes three months I informed you of that the giant of the sale on line, Amazon, is got of full in the career of the sale of cars through its platform. The idea initial not is sell cars as such, but advise to them customers for before taking the decision …

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Those cars to gas natural could be 40 million in 2025


The automotive industry is facing a very important future challenge. Energy sources are being depleted and pollution are two elements against which are struggling brands and world Governments. One of the fossil fuels that can alleviate this problem somewhat is natural gas. The gas natural is, as the Gas liquefied …

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Curiosity: the sales of cars in Venezuela are low minimum


What can we say of Venezuela that we don’t already know. It is a country devastated by corruption, populism, the fatigue of the inhabitants of that country and the greed of the few call liberators of the people themselves who are running it all. In question of a decade have …

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Nissan already has sold 75,000 vehicles electric in Europe


Nissan just of announce an interesting landmark in terms of mobility sustainable. She has been exceeded 75,000 electric vehicles sold in Europe. In this way seems that this type of car moving in our continent, while that by adding the rest of the world already exceed 260,000 units of these …

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He group Berge is saved at the last moment of the collapse economic


Within the sector of the automobile the import and distribution of them cars that them brands manufactured in other countries is very important. Without it not would be many of them models that circulate by our highways to our country. However being the largest group importer and national distribution in …

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Sales of cars in Italy grow 9.7% in October


Italy is being hit by earthquakes which are destroying much of its heritage and culture. However Italian society has not stalled and sales of new vehicles are among the sectors that are having better performance during this year 2016 (passenger cars and SUVs). This trend shows that the economy Italian …

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Sales of cars in Spain grow 4.5 per cent during October


October already has last and in addition to leave us a time more summer that autumn us leaves data curious. with regard to the sales of cars in Spain. Plan PIVE effectively ended on 30 September and both manufacturers and employers and dealers warned that its cessation might notice in …

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