Tuesday , August 20 2019
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The BMW 5 series already have prices in Spain


In mid-October last BMW made public details and a multitude of official images on the update of its medium-sized sedan, the new BMW 5 series. Among other things, laid that it marks Bavarian had introduced all it technology of which had in the new BMW series 5, by what nor …

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New updates and luxurious Executive for the Porsche Panamera Variant


It’s been a few months since the German firm submit us the second generation of the Porsche Panamera. The exterior design has been enough continuity in this generation gap experienced recently, being the rear part of the bodywork that most changes with respect to its predecessor. But the biggest jump …

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The Alfa Romeo Giulia will be taking positions in Europe


The history of Alfa Romeo is exciting and Centennial, however, seems that he is now living a unique moment. Over the past decade, we have seen how the biscione House did not know very well if it was on land premium, generalist or between two waters. This situation, United to …

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BMW series 7 Rose Quartz, exclusive to Japan


Currently the most elegant, luxurious and comfortable by the German firm BMW model is its larger size, the BMW 7 series sedan. This model has been created with the approach toward a vehicle of representation, one of those cars that is best enjoyed in the rear seats that in the …

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Audi S7 for Australian police


Australian police It has received a brand new Audi S7 Sportback as part of a program that aims to bring this security force more young people and the community in general. Although, this unit of the German sports sedan will replace another to that extra power, Audi RS4 Avant, making …

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BMW 550 of three turbos reaches the 435 HP thanks to G-Power


BMW 550 is the bet most powerful diesel and sport within the family series 5 of the German firm. Use the known three-liter diesel six-cylinder block, although it has resorted to a triple overfeeding in this variant to achieve a final power of nothing less than 381 HP, while the …

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