Thursday , February 25 2021
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Nissan is choking emissions from its diesel in South Korea


It seems that the Dieselgate of the Volkswagen Group will extend by all brands of cars. What you see (is a guess to the beast) all brands have lied at the time approved emissions of pollutants emitted by diesel engines. I say this because the authorities of half the world …

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Soon will be highways smart for car electrical and autonomous


The challenge before the Governments of half the world is very important. This challenge is not more nor less to adapt its road network to the new vehicles that are hitting the market in recent years. In matter of a couple of decades tend cars electric everywhere and probably next …

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Genesis will open its first dealership in Korea of the South


Genesis not has fulfilled or a year, but already is part of the panorama of the car today. The brand premium Hyundai will open this week its first franchisee. The chosen site could be none other than the outskirts of Seoul, in South Korea, birthplace of the brand. This new …

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