Sunday , February 28 2021
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Ford also gets into the car of magic hangers


Talk of suspensions and ways of understanding the comfort on Board of a vehicle is like talking about sex los Angeles, since there may be so many perceptions as people there are in the world. Why brands develop the System which best believe that it can be adapted to the …

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Hidractiva III, Citroën Advanced Comfort Hello Goodbye


Talk about Citroen and not praise the comfort that print their models would be committing a sacrilege. However, the disappearance of the C6 some years ago and the precipitous fall in sales of the C5 suspension Hidractiva III -associated has forced the Gallic group to rethink their r & d …

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Adaptive suspension for Lexus models “F” series

Lexus just of introduce, completely of series, the suspension variable adaptive in its range “F”, it more sports, that arrives in the models Lexus RC F and Lexus GS F. It has the advantage of getting a comfort or a high rigidity by varying the hardness of the shock absorbers …

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