Friday , December 13 2019
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Mercedes-Benz want cars to be personal assistants

In Berlin is is celebrating the IFA 2016, one of them events of electronic more important of the world and in it is is talking also of the industry of the automotive, where is van to implement new technologies to them drivers can be more comfortable to the steering wheel …

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Autonomous cars already have a classification into six levels


Autonomous cars are here to stay in our lives, whether we like it or not. All brands are expanding the technology that their models, making can be mounted which can be autonomous for according to which functions. Thanks to these technologies have cars that Park themselves to warn the driver …

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The new technology virtual of Audi will debut in the A8

After seen in one of the conceptual models of the brand, virtual dashboard of Audi will begin to settle in the more high-end models, with the Audi A8 as the first benefited from this technology, which replaces the knobs and buttons for three touch screens

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Über and Volvo, in search of the autonomous car

Them engineers of Volvo and them of über will begin to work together to begin to develop a system of driving autonomous, each one by its part, but using a vehicle base that comes of the brand Swedish and that will allow the development of this type of technology to …

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