Sunday , February 23 2020
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Exculpada Tesla of the fatal accident of a driver in a Model S


When Tesla launched to market the Model S and the possibility of their drivers could use their car in semi-autonomous manner, many were thought that it was already de facto an autonomous car. Truth is that the Autopilot technology has improved to be able to drive the car almost without …

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Tesla Model S P100D for the GT Electric with 795 CV


He has always said that the best laboratory for the study of production vehicles is competition and the truth is that manufacturers, both vehicles and components, leverage the information and experiences in the various categories and disciplines of the competition then achieve to extract better suited to daily use, performance …

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Tesla hires a prominent Apple engineer to improve Autopilot


Tesla Motors is still working so their cars are the most advanced technologically in relation to its rivals. Autopilot is one of the most advanced in the world independent of driving assistance systems and so you follow their course signature spares no expense to recruit the best engineers in the …

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We already know what it will cost to charge a Tesla in Spain


One of the advantage to buy a Tesla so far had been free recharge on its network of Supercharger. Although a couple of months ago the firm’s Silicon Valley announced that this service would be free for new customers. Who buy a Tesla from this year 2017 would have that …

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Tesla is already updating Autopilot for some of their models


He another day you had that Tesla was working day and night during the seven days of the week for have list it last update of your system Autopilot. This information it provided the own Elon Musk on her has personal (Professional) of Twitter. However, little then jumped the news …

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Tesla leaves of sell in Missouri their models by a time


Tesla Motors does have problems in several of the States that form the United States because of its model sales for their vehicles. As we all know in many countries of the world the sale of certain types of products (among which are the cars) are subject to a distribution …

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Electric cars will modify part of their aid in South Korea


So the sale of cars driven by electricity will increase these should improve two of their points critical. The first and most obvious is little autonomy they still have and the second is that its price is still high in comparison to the rest of the cars. Some countries, as …

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There will be a new Tesla Roadster, but we have to wait


The first car from Tesla was the Tesla Roadster, having been born almost a decade ago. It was a sporty two-seater and convertible that I took based on the Lotus Elise, model that shared many elements, but also incorporated technology and on its own development cycle. Its electric motor, powered …

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Panasonic will build a new plant by Tesla


The other day I had the Gigafactoria that Tesla is building in Nevada, United States, goes at a very good pace and that when it opened its doors may supply batteries so the Silicon Valley firm can market all the Model S, X and 3 you want. This mega factory …

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