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Extended video of the Ken Block Gymkhana in London for Top Gear


The UK programme Top Gear was orphaned after the departure of the program of Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond. The BBC sought substitutes, and the truth is that presenters new curriculum was not all bad, but they were virtually impossible to match the trio calavera usual that several …

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The first scene of “The Grand Tour” cost almost 3 million euros


It’s been many months since Jeremy Clarkson “liara it” beating a production assistant. This earned him the dismissal of mythical TopGear program and the British broadcaster BBC. As you recall, James May and Richard Hammond announced that if Jeremy did not remain, they do not. Months later, the famous trio …

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Bombshell! Chris Evans is long from Top Gear


Already noticed it makes only a few days when I had that Matt LeBlanc, and part of the rest of the team, were not happy with the main host of the best known in the world of the motor, Top Gear. The program was not going well and the audience, …

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Chris Evans leaves Top Gear in his first season


The twenty third season of Top Gear is being the most moved of the history of the program. Following the departure of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May; starting a new was with new presenters and a change of philosophy. The new season has centered around Chris Evans, however, …

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Chris Evans Vs Matt LeBlanc, is there war in Top Gear?


The limited success of the new season of Top Gear with Chris Evans as a main presenter is unclear. Episode after episode, ratings of Top Gear have gone down to numbers that reach lows not seen for more than one decade. Chris Evans and his little naturalness on screen seem …

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Or him or me! Ultimatum’s Matt Le Blanc in Top Gear


It seems that there are several open conflict within the most famous car program in the world, the British Top Gear. As we all know, the trio skull is moved to Amazon after the dismissal of Jeremy Clarkson motivated by its aggression to one of the helpers of the program. …

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Top Gear has lost a third of its audience in two episodes


We all knew that one of the great strengths of the old Top Gear program was his team of presenters. With its good parts and bad parts, it was clear that Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond were three charismatic presenters, funny and appreciated by the public in general, …

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