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Tuning and preparations

This Audi R8 by ABT will also be in Geneva


You have an Audi R8 in property is a dream for many of us, not deny it. Posts to choose, logically we are left with the most potent of all, the Audi R8 V10 Plus of 610 HP. But on this planet there are people this German supercar does not …

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The Ferrari GTB 488 by Misha Designs is simply spectacular


There are three types of people among the lovers of cars. On the one hand are those who defend the car should remain forever as he came from series, on the other hand we have the people who defend the improvement Dynamics but without therefore having to rely on remarkable …

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Brabus radicalizes a Mercedes-AMG C63 S Estate


Historically Mercedes-Benz has been known as an of the brands Premium in which, first of all, took precedence the comfort and the design elegant of their vehicles. By this same, many passionate of the world of the motor it qualified as a brand with cars “of father”, since except in …

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850 E63 Brabus Biturbo. You don’t want to buy new Mercedes-AMG E63


Recently we have known some specifications of the Mercedes-AMG E63 which will soon be available on the market. Taking the body of the Mercedes E-class, AMG E63 includes, as usual, several cosmetic changes and a few clear dynamic improvements that raise its power above the 600 HP, 612 specifically, and …

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This Toyota GT86 multiplied by 9 the power of origin (video)


The Toyota GT86 is one of those sports that draw attention and that, despite not being more potent coupés, manages to raise the expectations and desires of fans of the sport. Yesterday same you showed the new edition special of the model Japanese that would come to your market natal, …

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