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Tuning and preparations

Thus it is a Mercedes class V passing by Carlex Design


Normally, who buys a large van would it do for two reasons: to be able to carry many objects of high volume, or to travel comfortably more than four people. Therefore, there are usually vehicles of large sporting aspirations, nor by touch of driving aesthetics. An of the vans Premium …

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Seen at the SEMA Show: a BMW M3 E30 Touring with 2 doors


Already several weeks ago you brought some official images of BMW which showed some designed prototypes of the various generations of M3, from two pickup to a Compact E36 with the M3 engine. Now, at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, has been left to see a monstrosity of BMW …

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2,000 HP and 350 km/h for this hotel Toyota Land Cruiser


When we hear talk about the Toyota Land Cruiser model most of us we think immediately of terms like robustness, reliability, great offroad skills, effective cars in mud and stones, large cockpit or force. However, since there are the external trainers and events such as the SEMA Show Las Vegas …

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This Lexus LC 500 ready can go beyond the 900 HP


At the beginning of year, in the Salon of the car of Detroit, made appearance by time first the Lexus LC 500. A sporty body coupé and a cabin for 2 + 2 seater directly derived from the prototype Lexus LC-LF. Now, at the SEMA in Las Vegas, coach Gordon …

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Ahead of a BMW M2 GTS, due to Alpha-N Performance


It BMW M2 is a coupé contained dimensions and highest sportiness. Its body of three volumes, three-door and sports and differentiating ways make us see that it is not a model of the heap, and is signed coming with “M” of BMW Motorsport. Uses a propellant turbo six-cylinder in line …

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Thus of aggressive is shown this Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 of TopCar


TopCar returns to the load with a new kit of modifications for the Mercedes-AMG GLE 63. For the majority, this variant sports of the SUV of Mercedes already is a car visually aggressive to the collect it of the dealer, with an aesthetic very differential and dynamic. Its 557-HP supercharged …

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BMW 550 of three turbos reaches the 435 HP thanks to G-Power


BMW 550 is the bet most powerful diesel and sport within the family series 5 of the German firm. Use the known three-liter diesel six-cylinder block, although it has resorted to a triple overfeeding in this variant to achieve a final power of nothing less than 381 HP, while the …

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