Tuesday , December 7 2021
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Über for his activity in Italy for unfair competition


Über business continues to create controversy where he spends. In the United States are continuing with tests of its autonomous cars after the accident that took one of the Volvo XC90 in fleet. At the judicial level continues his dispute with Google for the case of industrial espionage against the …

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Über fails its autonomous cars lead single distances


The arrival of autonomous über car, always according to the American firm, will occur for before 2020. They have long been performing the tests necessary to point the technology that they will include their cars and it seemed that it had everything under control. Obviously we must not ignore the …

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Über hires hit book to Amit Singhal of Google engineer


Autonomous driving continues his frenetic pace and by now, together to Tesla Motors, über is the firm that seems to bring more benefit to the traditional manufacturers of cars. The American company continues with tests of its autonomous cars in various States of the United States. Besides this, in the …

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Über will takes their cars autonomous from California to Arizona


Autonomous driving is unleashing a hard war among the car brands and the laws and regulations to be followed (the first) to try the autonomous cars on the roads of according to which countries. Uber has currently spread their autonomous cars by several countries around the world and now moved …

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