Tuesday , February 7 2023
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Volkswagen AG could be thinking in getting rid of Ducati


Large auto groups are thinking how can grow to be more competitive and save money in the development of their cars. The logical thing is to see how brands are eaten to others, as if they are in a situation of superiority they must take advantage of it. The latest …

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Volkswagen AG will not have on board more Porsche-Piech family


Group Volkswagen AG is one of the rarest moments and hard who remember living in decades. The Dieselgate has steamed up the work that had been doing the German conglomerate for years. His arrival at the number one world is at stake, because this situation could still lead to one …

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Tata Motors and Volkswagen Group sign a memorandum of cooperation


The collaboration between brands in the field of the automobile is becoming something crucial to the survival of these. Examples of collaborations have something for everyone and the last sample has been the of the acquisition of Opel / Vauxhall by the French group PSA. However, also other alliances that …

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Volkswagen will face English clients by the Dieselgate


The Volkswagen Group is you could complicate, and much, the things in Europe. The Dieselgate has forced the German consortium to compensate American customers thanks to the laws and regulations that protect their rights in the United States. En Europe and United Kingdom legislation does not oblige this compensation and …

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