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Take advantage of the new and exciting Ferrari 812 Superfast video

Ferrari 812 Superfast

One of the most important innovations of the current Geneva Motor has been the Ferrari 812 Superfast. The supercar of the Italian House comes to revolutionize this segment since its introduction letters are more than good. If we start by its design, the designers of the firm They have managed to maintain the air of family whose siblings range but endowing it of elements that make it a unique model.

However, the best example of the type of vehicle that have wanted to create in Maranello is its mechanics. The 812 Superfast uses a motor gasoline in configuration V12 with 6.5 liter and a maximum power of 800 HP. This engine, for those who do not know it is an evolution of the previous 6.2 liters riding F12 Berlinetta and happens to be the most powerful, which has manufactured the Italian House to a model series.

With this block of Ferrari super car is capable of reaching the zero to sixty mph in a ridiculous 2.9 seconds. In addition, its maximum speed is marked in 340 kilometers per hour (is not auto limited). With this information in hand, it is not unreasonable to say that we we have one of the more suggestive and sports cars that currently exist. For something is the street model (and series production) more potent that it has ever made Ferrari throughout its history has.

For this and more, in the House of the prancing horse have decided to launch the first Ferrari 812 Superfast promotional video on their official YouTube channel. In it you can see moving and delight our senses, listening as it sounds its impressive V12 engine and as it negotiates bends as the expert that is. We must recognize that the Ferrari guys are real experts in creating this type of videos they know where they have to teach to make us wish with all our desire to one of their cars.

Give the play and go up the volume because you will get hair from tip.

Source – Ferrari

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