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Tata Motors improves its benefit for the good behavior of Jaguar

Ratan Tata

The Indian group Tata Motors in recent months is living a less delicate situation. No, we don’t mean that have economic problems or to who is thinking about in getting rid of any of its brands of cars. Us refer to them numbers not just of square you by guilt of a management as less erratic from the matrix of the Group of any of its brands.

This situation caused that Ratan Tata would take the reins of the automotive division. This turn, is intended to soothe the anxieties of investors by improving incomes of the brands that form Tata Motors. For this is will maintain the current plan of company that were leading Jaguar and Land Rover and is rewritten which has of carry the brand matrix of the group, Tata.

Jaguar F-Pace Goodwood

Once they have passed the first three quarters of the year, Tata Motors has presented the accounts for this period. In them the automotive division of the hindu holding has managed to save the furniture by the hairs, but was not by the good performance of Tata, but by the good that you are going to the signing of the feline.

Jaguar (and Land Rover by extension) has become the goose’s gold for the Indian manufacturer and proof of this is the benefit that is getting it. In these first nine months of the year net profit of Tata Motors was 8.28 billion rupees (123 million dollars to change) compared with 17.6 billion rupiah loss registered in the same period of the past.

The benefits obtained by the English Group brands represent 86 percent of revenues from exploitation of Tata Motors. If we focus on both brands, Jaguar and Land Rover recorded a profit of $ 305 million. Earnings that come supported by the increase that have suffered the sales of both brands and that exceeds in Jaguar the 85 percent regard to the same period of the year last.

It remains to be seen how occur events from here to end of the year to see how Tata solves its internal problems and finally manages to redirect its business plan.

Source-Tata Motors

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