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Tell him goodbye to the mirrors of your car, the future are the cameras


When a brand launches a prototype, depending on the type of model that is, sometimes is takes the freedom of modifying certain elements to which are very accustomed. One of those elements are mirrors. The modification and suppression of the pampering in a concept car not is something new, but is carries making from makes many years. However, the evolution of technology in the automotive industry is making to the disappearance of these elements occur in leaps.

The cars without mirrors Mirrors are in phase of development among them manufacturers of cars from Japan. In fact, Japan already has approved the use of rear-view mirrors digital. Must remember that several manufacturers of components have very advanced it technology that will use these new mirrors and that the next year, a manufacturer Japanese, whose name not has been revealed still, put to the sale the first vehicle without rear-view mirrors to the use.


However, and despite the advantages that would have the replacement of them traditional mirrors foreign, by cameras, there are a series of problems that even not have been solved all. Some of these problems would be related to Security, since although the cameras used wide-angle lenses, could lose sharpness, having reflexes or other anomalies that could prevent a correct vision.

Another associated problem would be that of mass production. Manufacture a car without rear-view mirrors means combine cameras external and monitors, expand it network electric of the car (with the consequent need of power) with the complexity technical that this supposed. Therefore, the manufacturing of vehicles with this technology could encarecer is, since develop a system that allow ensure some conditions safe of driving, with systems side to cover a urgency, raise the development of them vehicles.

An of them companies that more is working to solve the problems that presents the use of cameras and screens as surrogate of them mirrors is Valeo. This company wants to have solved these problems in order to 2018, date that have been marked for itart the mass-production of this surveillance system. See to see what such will this technology in Japan and the reliability and security that provides drivers who decide for her.

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