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Tesla, after beating Ford, is worth more than General Motors

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Tesla Motors is going through a golden age in terms of to stock market trading . Several days ago we mentioned that the signing of Elon Musk had decided to sell 5 percent of its shares to the Chinese technology company Tencent. After made this information public actions of the company experienced an increase in your quote from 2.8 percent. This rise is not the biggest that we know in the automobile industry, but if significant.

With this increase, the Silicon Valley company founded by Musk, in 2003, he managed to unseat to a centenarian in the sector such as Ford Motor Company. The value of the technology of electric vehicles exceeded the 48 billion dollars , marking a historic milestone. If something does well Tesla Motors is breaking records as these days it has managed to overcome another even bigger than the previous one; and especially taking into account the situation in which it is located.

General Motors

This situation is none other than the imminent official presentation and launch of the new Tesla Model 3. This reason has been precisely which has made the American brand has followed by increasing its stock price. Quote that has increased the value of the shares of Tesla and that has allowed to overcome the 51 billion dollars of contribution that has another company in the sector.

General Motors is the company surpassed by the signing of Elon Musk. This represents a milestone in the automotive industry since ever a young company had managed to get ahead of companies that have lived almost everything in the sector. However not everything is glory in Tesla Motors, because according to financial analysts, the price of the company might be a bubble effect.

If we examine the economic results of the previous year, Tesla Motors filed a negative balance. Its losses amounted to 700 million dollars and its accumulated production of about 90 thousand units. Obviously they are not data so that you assess a company above the 50 billion dollars. However the reason behind it is based on the forecasts in the future which could achieve the signature.

Elon Musk for Tesla plans are very ambitious and if they are met (as often happens) would make the firm one of the largest in the sector. You should be aware of information, because a change of trend (not foreseeable) could wreck the plans and future of the Executive.

Source – Financial Times

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