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Tesla installs in Andalusia another of his Spanish supercargadores

Spain Loves Tesla

Tesla continues to expand its network of supercargadores the world. This time it has touched the shift to our country. Spain, although already has with a point of sale, is one of them markets to which wants to access the signature of silicone Valley in question of a couple of years and for this need have with warranty of success. This warranty is based on the possibility that will have your customers travelling long distances and charge your batteries quickly.

For our country, the distance that there is between an end and another is it sufficiently large as to their cars need as minimum of a recharge. For the signing has already installed several points of recharge along the Mediterranean coast. However, not is has been there and has installed another point of recharge in the community autonomous Andalusian.

Tesla cargador

According to has informed the brand the new point of load is has installed in the town Granada of Cullar. With this new station it network Spanish will be with eight points and will make possible that the drivers of a Tesla can circular by the runner of the Mediterranean without is are shot. In addition, this network in little time could expand is by the interior of the Peninsula Ibérica.

However, despite this new opening the firm is still far from having thirteen points of recharge had promised Elon Musk by 2016. We will have to wait and see how the rest of the Chargers that are missing are redistributed and if they are finally reached 100 points that Spain should count for the year 2020.

We should remember that from the first of January of the next year Tesla will charge their customers for using its network of supercargadores. Of this form will have a source of funding for its maintenance and expansion to other places of the world.

Source-Tesla Motors

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