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Tesla is already updating Autopilot for some of their models

Tesla Model S P100D

He another day you had that Tesla was working day and night during the seven days of the week for have list it last update of your system Autopilot. This information it provided the own Elon Musk on her has personal (Professional) of Twitter. However, little then jumped the news of that very probably this last evolution not could get to all them models that Tesla has marketed in the last four years.

The reason also you it explain and is based in that them models more ancient not incorporate the same grade technological that them last and esto les makes less useful to level technological. However them engineers of the brand already have list the last update and in short days will be installed in the vehicles. The problem that arises in this occasion is that seems that not all them models will be called to invite them to include the last version of this system of driving “semi autonomous”.

The founder of the firm would have reported that some 1,000 models (among all who have now for sale) would have been called to install the trial version of the new Autopilot. When this has been tested and will check that the improvements are really safe you will pass in a second phase to call the rest of owners of vehicles to include it if they so wish.

According to mark these cars should have the evolution of Autopilot for January 5 and others, once the trial period ends. From here understand that this delay is normal because the new models of the firm have substantially improved their technological capabilities with respect to the first, and therefore are better prepared to receive any Update.

By the time the company is working that none of their models is is out of their best assistants of driving. It remains to be seen what happens when the next generation of the Model S will reach the market and the firm creates that it is no longer necessary to continue updating their products.

Source-Tesla Motors

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