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Tesla leaves of sell in Missouri their models by a time

Tesla Model X

Tesla Motors does have problems in several of the States that form the United States because of its model sales for their vehicles. As we all know in many countries of the world the sale of certain types of products (among which are the cars) are subject to a distribution through agencies or dealers. The country of the Uncle Sam is one of which greater protection provides to this form of distribution but Tesla seems that not want to follow it.

The signature of Elon Musk wants to sell (and sells) by its has its cars, without use intermediaries that even more expensive the price end of the vehicle. The problem is that this decision is costing them more than one headache for States that refuse to the firm to sell its cars in this way. He more notorious are them demands that them organizations of distributors stand in them judged to close their facilities or meet the regulations of the State.

Tesla Model X

We already told you that the company obtained one month ago a remarkable success being revoked the ruling which prevented him from selling its cars directly in Virginia. This resolution he provided sufficient arguments to Tesla to allow you in more States open their own sales centres. However, it seems that it will not be as easy as in Mussouri State have had to stop selling their cars (on a temporary basis) until they solve them may be how to distribute.

According to the judge of the Court of the Court of the County of Cole, Daniel Green, Tesla Motors not sold their models in the place as a franchise and therefore the license of sale and distribution of vehicles that had granted until the 31 of December of the 2016 not you would be renewed by the Missouri Department of Revenue. According to was communicated the resolution to the manufacturer, their responsible have declared that recourse the decision to be revoked as in Virginia.

The complaining party, the Missouri Auto Dealers Association (MADA) (Association of dealers of Missouri), said that they are satisfied with the solution adopted and that they will monitor the interests of partners and the fulfillment of the law of distribution of motor vehicles of the State.

There will be to see how just this for Tesla Motors.

Source – San Luis today

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