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Tesla Model S P100D for the GT Electric with 795 CV

Tesla Model S Electric GT

He has always said that the best laboratory for the study of production vehicles is competition and the truth is that manufacturers, both vehicles and components, leverage the information and experiences in the various categories and disciplines of the competition then achieve to extract better suited to daily use, performance movement by public roads.

Tesla is one of the most popular brands of the past months. Its technology, high autonomy electric propulsion, systems of semi-autonomous driving and high qualities have made it to position itself as one of the most advanced for the new era of automotive; where increasingly is clear that the only sounds come from rolling and, subsequently, as drivers are limited to say the destination point and read the digital newspaper.

Tesla Model S Electric GT

The company of Elon Musk will compete in the Electric GT, a competition of cars electric derivatives of series and highly empowered. This Championship will consist of several races, with their training and previous classifications, in various mythical our planet circuits among which is located in Montmel√≥, Spain. Tesla will run with a suitably improved Tesla model S P100D to try to do with the title, although it won’t have it precisely easy because the rivalry is assured.

We don’t have much information on the amendments receiving the Tesla Model S P100D of the company to compete in this category, but the few details we have are very promising. Taking a model series, the mechanics have removed everything inside leaving only the essential and replacing some elements with the objective of saving to the last pound of weight possible. In this way, the weight is has reduced in anything less that 500 kilos.

Besides the usual improvements in suspension, brakes and cage of security, the power has uploaded to them 795 CV, being also very important the Instant pair motor of 995 Nm. Thus, competition model can go from 0 to 100 km/h in just 2.1 seconds. Who we would say makes a decade that a car electric could count with similar data from performance?

Source – Motor1

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