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Tesla will build its ‘Gigafactory-2’ Europe the coming year

Tesla Gigafactory

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, It has spent these days for Europe and has to talk about. Firstly by the acquisition of Grohmann Engineering, an engineering company to get a stand-alone manufacturing process refers to that as “the machine that builds the machine”. During the press conference he dropped the intention to build its ‘ Gigafactory 2’ in Europe, to continue with the current development.

It would be the second large Tesla plant, after the one on Reno (Nevada) and it would produce both batteries and cars. Currently the American brand is focused on that the Tesla Model 3 arrives in time to the market following the high demand that has had. Investment in Europe will not come until the Model 3 is in chain of Assembly, which is expected for mid-2017. Therefore, there are a few months so let’s start the project of Gigafactory 2.

Tesla Gigafactory

Musk is clear on this issue and who firmly believes in the long term “Tesla will have at least one – maybe two or three–factories, vehicles and batteries in Europe.” Although it is a very ambitious project, as the investment for a Gigafactory is 5,000million dollars. The of United States in the next years will employ to more than 10,000 people and the target for 2018 is that produce 35 GWh in batteries.

Currently Tesla produces some 100,000 vehicles to the year, but when the Gigafactory is 100% operational is expected that get produce 600,000 vehicles annual. It is still early to talk about the European country that could receive the Gigafactory 2. If is equal that the American, will need a surface of almost 174 fields of football American and the ceiling will be covered with panels solar as we see in the first image. We will see if this project comes to fruition.

Source – Electrek

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