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Tesla will increase its prices of United Kingdom 5% in 2017

Tesla Model S P100D

Since the British gave the Yes Brexit fluctuations suffered pound sterling have been many and almost all down. The loss of value facing other coins of reference (€uro or dollar) makes that their products are less competitive and therefore those benefits is see decreased. This is what is happening right now, but once its output of the Union European is official the problem can be much more large.

Car manufacturers have said that they will wait to see how flow events to see if they leave the country or continue keeping their factories. What itself is secure is that its cars will have that increase them prices because if not them manufacturers not may cover the costs of the transport and others supplemented. One of which has already announced formally the rise in price of their cars is the Californian Tesla Motors.

Tesla Model X

The next 1 January is the date marked by Tesla Motors for their models price to rise by 5 percent on average. With this percentage minimum ascent is estimated at around 3,000 euros at current Exchange. However the brand has had a gesture of courtesy to its clients and has announced that this rise only affect models that are sold and invoiced after that date (2017).

This price rise also comes together with the news that new customers of the brand (from 2017) already they may not benefit for free from the recharging stations. So they will have to pay a symbolic price because their cars recharge forces at these refueling stations. Also, have introduced a novelty in the stations of recharge for them customers that leave parked their cars plugged to the network and are loaded. According to the brand will have to pay a surcharge fee by occupation of the network and use extra energy.

Therefore, British customers of the firm is them coming a year 2017 more expensive than expected when they voted yes to the Brexit.

Source – Tesla Motors

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