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Tesla will land in our country and is in search of workers

Tesla cargador

Everything indicates that Tesla will come to Spain coming soon. And seems that not will be in form of factory as intended makes a few months. The signature American has interest in increase their presence in our country and the test revealed have been a series of offers of employment. Elon Musk company looking for staff both in Barcelona and Madrid, where he plans to open two new stores in the not-too-distant future.

Tesla is seeking workers profiles quite specific and that it can serve to find out their plans a little. Tenders published on its website looks for two product specialists (one Madrid and other Barcelona), three sales consultants (two Madrid and Barcelona), a specialist in marketing (Barcelona), a head of human resources (Barcelona) and a head of supercargadores installation.

Tesla Supercargadores lleno

This last job keeps much to do with the news that we were a couple of months ago: Tesla will expand the boots and supercargadores network in Spain. The first, lower power, will be located in luxury hotels. Them seconds, that allow a recharge in half hour, will advance towards the center of the country, since most are installed in the coast Mediterranean. Currently, we are the country with less infrastructure of this kind, with only half a dozen ‘Superchargers’.

Turning to job offers, they will be an opportunity to work in one of the pioneering companies in the electric vehicle. Is a good news due to the influence of Elon Musk in multitude of projects. It could also mean the arrival of the Tesla Model 3 to our country in a few years. In all case there will be that wait to see the results. Meanwhile the next 17 of October will know another novelty of Tesla that still is a mystery.

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