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Thank goodness! We will not see diesel cars by Audi Sport

Audi SQ5 2017

In recent years has been given so much importance to the diesel engines we’ve seen even sporting versions of high-performance with this type of engines; unthinkable makes some. Audi has been one of the brands that has bet on sports variants diesel engines, as in the SUV Audi SQ5 and Audi SQ7. All way, diesel and sporty, that does not is believe no one little more than one decade ago.

The dieselgate has done much damage to the propellers of diesel oil and brands try to “hide” them. Different manufacturers know that these engines are doomed to die and its mechanical research focuses on electrification. However, they still have a few years of life. It is possible that Audi Sport, if had not exploded the dieselgate, had used a diesel engine in one of its models, don’t you think?

Audi SQ5 TDI Plus

Audi SQ5 and Audi SQ7 propulsion diesel-powered models, someone can say emphatically that Audi Sport had not been able to equip a diesel, for example, in a so-called Audi Q7 RS? The fact is that Audi Sport has clear that diesel cars have been a success, but little by little they have to go drifting away from them. They must also invest in the development of electrified vehicles, that is the future.

Stephan Winkelmann, head of Audi Sport, He has made some recent statements to Motoring. In them he says that one of the reasons why not “should” develop exclusive models with diesel engine is because in many markets the diesel is a very small part of sales, as it is the case in North America or Asia. They should design models to market globally, so a car this type diesel, which involves a significant investment, les should be harder to pay off.

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