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The A120 Alpine lets see their specific seats before show in Geneva

Asientos del Alpine A120

The Geneva Auto Show is the biggest event of the year in terms of product news from the motor for the European market. One of the main novelties that we know there will be the resurgence of Alpine with the Alpine A120. A sports that have spent years waiting for and which we look forward “take the glove”. There are unveiled, although we could see part of his technique through various teasers.

Just a few days ago we saw, through a teaser, the design and operation of such important parts of this vehicle such as the flat bottom and the diffuser. We had previously met its chassis and bodywork, which are made largely of aluminum to reduce its weight. Also thinking of lightness as their seats have been developed, which we see in this new teaser images.

Renault Alpine Vision Concept

Alpine says that these seats weigh just 13.1 kilos each, and even so, promise a high comfort and side grip so that driver and passenger do not suffer with the lateral G forces on curves at high speed. Designed in one piece, the French brand Renault tells us that they are up to 50% lighter in comparison with seats offered by other direct rivals.

Alpine has also commented that his sporting future will be able to stop the clock in just 4.5 seconds when acceleration from standstill to 100 km/h, figures close to Supercars with six-digit prices. A propeller 1.8 located in central position, from which we expect a power of between 250 and 300 CV will be mechanically. And since we’ve talked about prices, though still unconfirmed, we hope that the French model to acquire after disbursing a 55,000 or 60,000 euros approximately. Hopefully waiting until the next Geneva Motor Show become short and also making it to market.

Asientos del Alpine A120

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