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The Alfa Romeo Giulia will be taking positions in Europe

Prueba Alfa Romeo Giulia

The history of Alfa Romeo is exciting and Centennial, however, seems that he is now living a unique moment. Over the past decade, we have seen how the biscione House did not know very well if it was on land premium, generalist or between two waters. This situation, United to a range very limited have made that the sales of the brand is collapse in the most of them markets in which is present.

However with the arrival of the new Giulia them things van to change on Alfa Romeo. To start is made equal to its competitors in terms of technical characteristics using a powered platform. In addition, Fiat Chrysler Group has provided a very good mechanical range in which the Quadrifoglio Verde becomes the jewel in the Crown. And to finish, now your quality interior and of realization is to the height of what is expected in the segment premium. You can read our test here.

Alfa Romeo Giulia

For joy of Alfa Romeo seems that your prayers and pleas are being fulfilled. The segment of them sedans half premium is suffering much in Europe, since many of their sales is van made them SUV. However, it is still an important market to abandon it. And in this case during the month of September the Italian model has managed to place very close to the Audi A4 with scarce three hundred units for the teuton.

Thanks to Jato Dynamics can see How have evolved them sales of the main saloon average premium in Europe. In September the King has been the Mercedes-Benz C-class with 4,300 units, followed by the BMW 3 series with 3,033 units. The bronze has fallen at the hands of the Audi A4 with 2.091 units and Alfa Romeo Giulia has managed to register nothing more and nothing less than 1.718 units. To greater distance is located the Jaguar XE, Volvo S60 and the Japanese Lexus IS e Infiniti Q50.

If we are going to the alcumulado of the year the three first positions not vary nothing. However the Alfa Romeo Giulia gives his fourth position in favour of the Jaguar XE. This is obvious since the feline model takes longer to sell and for this reason their numbers are better. However there will be to see how close the year both models since the Italian seems that is liking and that still not is to the sale in all them markets European.

Congratulations Alfa Romeo!

Source – Jato Dynamics

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