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The BMW series 1 of four doors could get also to Brazil

BMW Serie 1 Sedán

Ago already more than one year of that appeared the first rumors about the possible BMW series 1 of four doors. Finally the company German announced the marketing of the variant sedan in the market Chinese and, in theory, only be would sell in this country Asian. However, rumors again and perhaps might be in other markets outside of china, where will be presented in just a few days.

To tell truth, and without know nor much less them numbers and the real plans of future of the manufacturer BMW, is complicated understand why the marks not has decided launch still a variant of four doors of the series 1. Is has been rumored much time on this model and observing to rival as Mercedes with the CLA and Audi with the A3 Sedan, all us had imagined that afternoon or early BMW would make it own; but the manufacturer seems somewhat hesitant, timid. It seems to not rely too much on the repayment of a compact four-door.

BMW Serie 1 Sedán recreación

From end of 2014, BMW has with a plant of production of passenger cars in Brazil. According to statements of the Brazilian middle NoticiasAutomotivas, citing as source to Quatro Rodas, claim that the gala company could be considering the production of the BMW 1 series sedan in the Brazilian factory of Santa Catarina. This could mean the release of this variant of the compact model of BMW in some South American countries.

The only drawback that appeared when developing the vehicle was of which platform to use for this model, since not we had hoped too that the company will use the rear propulsion. But the solution is easy: the platform UKL, on which is has developed the BMW series 1 sedan that is marketed in China. The plant Brazilian to which did reference produces vehicles with this platform UKL of traction front (for BMW X 1, MINI, etc), of there to go to the light rumores on it production and later marketing of the model in question in Brazil and South America.


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