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The BMW series 2 large Coupé in full phase of development at Nürburgring

BMW Concept Compact Sedan

BMW Concept Compact Sedan

Makes some weeks you had that the marks of them blades is was considering the arrival of a BMW series 2 great Coupé. Even if that was not everything, the same information put an M version, equipped with the same engine as the M2 in the range of this so-called new model engines. Shortly after news that seems to confirm this first idea comes to us, and is has been caught testing at Nürburgring which would be the BMW Gran Coupe version.

Already us it had in advance in form of concept. The BMW Concept Compact Sedan came to advance the lines of a new compact sedan in the German company which would have as objectives to the classic Mercedes or Audi A3 Sedan. No doubt this bet is plenty interesting, knowing also that this type of bodywork has long pull in the Chinese market. The new model of the company German would take in reach, seeing it in the market along 2018.

BMW Concept Compact Sedan

BMW Concept Compact Sedan

In terms of aesthetics seems to be fairly faithful to the concept mentioned above. That wants to say that the design exterior will be an of the weapons more important of the BMW series 2 large Coupé. In the same way inside would receive a renewal, anticipating what would then see in the new series 2 Coupe and Cabrio. The wheelbase increase, and at the two entrances to the cockpit that we know would add two more, finding two doors after the pilar B.

The range of engines will offer known in his next brother BMW series 2 Coupe. That way there will be engines of 2.0 litres without forgetting the new 1.5 litres. He also spoke of a M2 Gran Coupe, model that probably would settle for the six-cylinder 3.0 liter and 370 horsepower. To see this version sports would have to wait until 2019.


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