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The cars electrical could match their price to the of them gasoline in 2025

Nissan Leaf

As already have said in several occasions the sector of the automobile it is electrifying. Several brands are responsible for the boom that we live now, but will be gradually coming more signatures. Without however this technology is still limited since the autonomy of their batteries is not even equated to it of a traditional combustion engine. In addition, acquisition cost still makes them prohibitive in according to which brands and models.

Little by little this situation is going to go by reversing. Advances in new technologies are enabling brands to study how lengthen the service life of batteries as well as increase its energy density to make much greater autonomy. While this comes brands are positioning the Board with proposals for allelectric cars.

Renault ZOE Societé

According to a study of the European consumers organisation (BEUC) in terms of battery technology will advance so much that from the year 2024-2025 purchased an electric car should not be more expensive that one motorization with diesel or gasoline today. This study also has in has those costs that would lead to the buyer in matter of maintenance and expenses by its use in a time of four years of use.

This report anticipates that in the next decade we will witness a substantial in terms of this technology improvement. We already have examples like Toyota who has managed to improve the durability and autonomy of its batteries. So will have to see how it affects the improvement of the technology at the time to reduce the prices of these cars and how manufacturers moved this fall to its products.

It brands are already working to make us more accessible electric car, now we have to see if the public authorities are collaborating to create a good network of charging points that become a reality this evolution of the sector.

Source-organization European of consumers (BEUC)

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