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The Commission European requests to those Governments that monitor those controls of emissions

Comisión Europea

Since the scandal of the emissions from the Volkswagen Group broke out the atmosphere in half the world governing bodies are stirring. In United States have been the more active as have got sit to the brand in the bench of them accused so respond by the fraud committed. However, where you have left hand hard on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean in the old Europe have gone on tiptoe.

Besides in the hand hard, in Europe them customers affected not will see a hard and them of United States will draw something in clear by have been the Guinea of Indian of the signature. However things could change since the European Commission has issued a report for all the Member States in which are advised that they must be more vigilant when tests are carried out of homolograciones engines, consumption and emissions.

Comisión Europea homologación emisiones

Within this report, the European Commission has taken to create a guide (or code of conduct) that members can use different States to avoid marks to behave incorrectly. This guide only includes some limitations or recommendations that countries should meet so that brands are not used and can insert elements that can distort the cars homologation tests.

With these guidelines, the European Commission wants that the countries comply with the normative anti pollution. Should this not is thus is can fine to which not the comply or think in jump is it. Without, however, the European body already has had negative response of several common area countries include Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Czech Republic and Spain.

Some of the parameters that you want to regulate are the way in which identify the unit to be tested. They must also register the different modes in which is of can be homologated vehicles both in the laboratory and on roads open to traffic. Hopefully all this serve to them marks monitor the correct compliance of the standards anti pollution and fight by braking the change climate.

Source – European Commission

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