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The company Elextra take Geneva a tough opponent for the Tesla Model S P100D

Teaser Elextra

Since a few years ago, Tesla is the benchmark in terms of the development and production of fully electric vehicles, long-range and high performance. Also, the company and products of Elon Musk also is found very advanced as regards systems of help to the driving or driving “semi-autonomous”. These are the reasons why it is in the crosshairs of many manufacturers, wanting to find their success.

One of the new companies that have come to light thanks to the electrification of vehicles is Elextra. This company shows us images teaser of their upcoming model, which will be unveiled in full the next day 7 at the Geneva Motor Show. Its design, by what can be seen in the above pictures, seems to be an Italian supercar, but the truth is that your body will have four doors, and can accommodate in the cockpit up to four occupants.

Teaser Elextra

Again we need to cite to Tesla, in this case to the Tesla Model S P100D, and we do it for the benefits. Elextramodel, they assure us, will be able to acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.3 seconds; some figures very couples to them of the product of Elon Musk as already saw makes some time in this video and more fast that many Supercars of 200,000 euros. A pity that this company has not yet been decided on the system of propulsion, power and autonomy.

The company Elextra has the Swiss designer Robert Palm and businessman Poul Sohl. The model which was unveiled in Geneva has been designed in Switzerland although it will produce handmade in Germany, near Stuttgart. And speaking of production, it seems, at the moment, their manufacture shall be limited to only 100 units. Elon Musk, you may have left a tough opponent!

Teaser Elextra

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