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The Dacia Duster will premiere, in some markets, a CVT gearbox

Dacia Duster

He Dacia Duster (or Renault Duster according to the market of which are talking about) is has become in the hen of them eggs for the Alliance Renault-Nissan. Since it arrived on the market already a few years ago its sales have continued to grow, making it develops in many countries as SUV choice for families.

Many are the markets where it is present, to talk about a range of mechanical or equipment common becomes almost impossible. However, in terms of engines and gearboxes the thing tends to be fairly balanced if markets are from the same region of the world. In this case, given the growing demand for automatic gearboxes the officials of Dacia (Renault) have decided to include a new version of gasoline with a CVT type automatic transmission.

Dacia Duster Blackshadow

Duster range already includes a version with a gearbox from automatic cutting. In this case, double clutch and six-speed transmission is associated with the better-known engine 1.5 dCi 110 CV. With this mechanical set and change the Duster has a pretty good mix of sales, but to increase it even more, now come a new variant.

In this case, instead of using a gearbox with double automatic clutch, will happen to employ a more simple type CVT. In addition, instead of attached to a mechanical fuelled by diesel oil, will be associated with one of gasoline with 1.6 liter and 104 cv. This block is already being used by the model and although its performance and consumption are rather inconspicuous, responsible for the brand could not take her to all markets where the model is sold.

So far the countries that will be on sale the automatic petrol Dacia Duster is unknown. At first you will not come to Europe, but it all depends on demand and if customers are interested in this combination. Its price and equipment have not been reported, but should not take long to know both.


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