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The Dacia range improvement in quality and design

Dacia Sandero Stepway

Like all very well know, Dacia belongs to multinational French Renault. Share engines, platforms and some that others elements that not are to the view but, however, it signs Romanian is in a place lower to them marks generalists, giving image of car very economic and offering, nor more nor less, what a driver need. I.e., they are cars to go from point A to point B without problems and also without luxuries.

The crisis economic that us shook mid the last decade, and of which still not have come out, has benefited notably to Dacia, that has seen in these years as its share of market improved, surpassing some of their products even them records of sales of models traditional belonging to brands generalists in numerous occasions. As if our society was less presumed earnings would have been far greater.

Dacia Logan

Dacia Logan, Logan MCV, Sandero and Sandero Stepway

Just two months ago, the car maker presented in the Paris Auto Salon, renewed aesthetic of two of its main models, the Logan and the Sandero, as well as the Logan MCV and Sandero Stepway versions. Exterior changes were not very large, but just to show an image of solidity and quality, also slightly more technological. Among other things are chrome grilles and a few lenses, with the possibility of having LED daytime running lights. The interior quality was also reinforced, missing something that already made them to these models, as well as the incorporation of new aid to driving.

Dacia Dokker, Dokker Van and Lodgy

The Dacia Dokker, Dokker Van and Lodgy family are also reinforced thanks to a new exterior aesthetic that gives better presence and quality. Depending on each version, eligible tires new design with 16-inch and some other details in chrome by the bodywork. The front has been reviewed by partially modifying your calender.

In the cockpit details as finishes chrome, flying four radios and new design, upholstered window of the driver with automatic function, new color for the backsplash, more elaborate and, in the case of the Lodgy and Dokker, the incorporation of folding back seats and organizing networking tables ideal for storing magazines, maps or some other elements.

Nuevo habitáculo de Dacia

Engine 75 SCe

Another recent innovation of Dacia is the introduction of the SCe 75 gasoline engine. With 1 litre of displacement and three cylinders without the use of overfeeding, this propeller pays 75 HP and 97 Nm. Depending on the brand, reducing by 10% the CO2 emissions and the consumption of fuel, thanks to the saving of about 20 kilos of weight, an oil pump variable, variable valve timing and the use of new materials for certain internal components. You will reach the range at the beginning of 2017.

Box of changes EDC for the Dacia Duster

Moreover, the Dacia Duster may be associated, in its variant dCi 110 of front-wheel drive with a gearbox double clutch and six-speed automatic called EDC (Efficient Dual Clutch).

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