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The dealers automatriculaciones distort sales

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As it has been passed down to the year, we have seen how the sales of passenger cars and new SUVs have increased over the previous year. However, not is gold all that glitters and, these sales not only are directed to customers particular or companies, but them dealers official have much that see in this by them automatriculaciones that should do.

The automatriculaciones are one of the solutions that have the official dealers to reach the objectives imposed by brands every month. However, falling into this routine is very dangerous for the company that owns the dealership, since cars lose their value once enrolled and have to sell at a relatively affordable price, making the profit per unit sold to decrease.

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Without, however, due to the stagnation of sales which is having individual customers channel by the end of the Plan PIVE dealers are returning to automatricular cars at one faster rate than were doing in these last years. According to various professional associations of the sector, these are are placing at the same levels for the year 2010.

During the last year the dealers are automatricularon a total of 112,200 units. This figure represents a 11 percent of the sales total of vehicles new that is carried to out during the year 2015. If the forecasts made by these associations not is wrong much, is more than likely that this year them automatriculaciones back to assume between a 10 and a 12 percent of them sales total of the year.

We hope that private clients market recovers and official dealers lower the number of automatriculaciones. This could be solved If the new Government adopted a new plan of incentives towards the purchase of new vehicles. To see what happens.

Source – Anfac and Ganvam, Faconauto

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