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The DGT may increase to 130 Km/h speed on motorways

DGT 130 kmh autovías

Still remember as if outside yesterday which is bundled when by guilt of the last “crisis energy” (it between comillo because really not was such) is reduced the limit of speed of our motorways and highways to 110 kilometers by hour. Everyone complained that it did not helped to save fuel and that only served as a populist measure for saving. However also remember as or people of to foot or the forces of the order responsible of watch it speed managed to keep it.

In that time the measure it proposed a Government and now becomes of the hand of another, another measure. In this case the direction General of traffic (DGT) has changed of hands and after Maria followed has arrived to the cargo D. Gregorio Serrano López. In this case Serrano López next to D. Juan Ignacio Zoido, Minister of the Interior, would be thinking in increase the limit of speed in our highways and motorways of them current 120 kilometers hour to them 130 kilometers by hour.

DGT 130 kmh autovías

The Interior Minister will tomorrow appear in the Congress of deputies to explain what would be the basic lines for carrying out this measure. According to the director of the DGT modify the limit of speed to the stands not is question of ideas personal but of study how have evolved them cars and them road along them last twenty or thirty years and therefore is could increase the limit although says that not will be for all them sections of motorways and highways.

Also has explained that this measure not be made of today for tomorrow. Serrano Lopez explained that they have to talk to all the parties involved so that each expose their ideas about the measure and agreed upon would be the practice. Meanwhile during this Christmas the DGT provides new controls speed and alcohol to watch that we don’t leave the beaten path.

Source-direction General for traffic (DGT)

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