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The electric Seat will be another new model within the range

SEAT León 2017

So far Seat has marketed several versions ecological of some of its most important models. They have been a success in the relevant market however not be can match that have some of their rivals. For this have decided to, like the rest of brands of the Group Volkswagen, bet all their cards to the mobility electric. Of this form will make forget to the public the problems that the Dieselgate and the delays that are taking with the all road Ateca les is causing.

Not must forget that Seat, although either of form conceptual, already has had models electrical in its range. An example of this are the electric Toledo which were used as official vehicles in the Olympics of Barcelona 92. Certain it is that its technology and autonomy were very basic, but as starting point worth. However, to the new offensive electric, the signature of Martorell not goes to employ a model of its range current, but will launch a model completely new.

SEAT Connect

According to Enrique Pastor, responsible for product strategy and market research of Seat, the first electric model 100 per Seat scientists should be on the market in the year 2019. In this way it is at the same level in a matter of priority to Volkswagen and other brands of the Volkswagen Group to launch electric models in a matter of two to five years.

This new model still we do not know many details. It is very likely that you have a language estilitico similar to that existing models of the range of the manufacturer used. However, the firm could exploit to launch a new aesthetic language with this model. What If it is safe it is that electric Volkswagen model will use the same platform that will mount the next.

There will be that wait to it signature of more data and will confirm the date of presentation and launch of the model to the market.


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