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The EPA confirms a Dodge Challenger GT of traction integral

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Normally leaks occur thanks to photos of vehicles in its final stages of the period of testing, camouflaged units, a “mole” in the Patent Office or, simply because someone in the brand speaks more, either purpose or without intention to reveal the secret. This version of wheel of the Dodge Challenger GT drive filtration was more unusual, given to know thanks to the EPA (environmental protection agency) which has already announced its fuel consumption.

Thanks to this oversight in your web site, we have learned that the Dodge Challenger GT will use a propeller V6 with 3.6 liters of displacement and air intake at its launch. However, the Dodge company still has not acted on this leak, although it is expected that not take to do so, since the source of filtration is fairly reliable; so the arrival of the Challenger with traction at all four wheels is secured for next year 2017.

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The number of power of the Challenger of entry with its 3.6 atmospheric V6 is 305 HP, while its torque stands at 363 Nm. It is likely that this engine remains unchanged performance in the GT variant of traction to all four wheels. As usual, four wheel drive versions are less efficient in terms of fuel economy concerns. The four-wheel variant spends 13 l / 100 km in city and 8.7 litres in motorway; While the rear propulsion needs to 12.3 l/100 in the city and 7.8 l/100 in highway.

It is striking that a model such as the Dodge Challenger, so aggressive, robust and known all over the world, object of a large number of preparations and a vehicle that has been in so many movies over the years, whose main characteristics were its aesthetics, its power and its rear propulsion, is released with integral traction in a market that is as traditional as the American. We will see its results in the form of sales figures.

Source – EPA and Autoblog

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