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The EPA’s Trump not fight against the changing climate


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is the agency responsible for enforcement of the regulation of pollutant emissions and consumption of fuels that exist in the United States. This entity works to care for the environment of them dangers to which is sees subject from them industries, them cars and the wrong try of them people. The problem that this organization has is its direction depends directly on the President of the United States and now, with the arrival of Donald Trump to power can pass protect the environment to protect the interests of the industries.

All we know that Trump is a man of business that is has wrought to itself same “doing what you has come in wins when you has come in wins”. A person who is so does not baulk at the money although to achieve this have to pollute and destroy the environment. As, unfortunately, there are still those who think and Act and are therefore more interested in covering another set of satisfactions that the care for the environment.


As well, the good of Donald Trump has decided put at the front of the EPA to a person that not believes in the environment or in its care to avoid their destruction. Scott Pruitt would bring to the EPA a change radical in their behavior to stop the change climate. If makes little the body warned of that preferred to keep it normative of emissions as it had raised the Executive of Obama, now seems that is delayed its entry in force or even could verse suspended.

According to this Lord (most other related to it) the gases of effect greenhouse does not represent a danger for the health public. These statements is derived of a try to failed to revoke one of them reports approved by the EPA to begin to reduce the emission of gases toxic to it atmosphere. Also has put in doubt if there is a consensus on the change climate, and if the behavior human is an influence.

Is as is us gives that this Lord is going to give much of what talk. Weather at the time.

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