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The Fiat type gets 4 stars in them evidence of EuroNcap

Fiat Tipo 5 puertas Lounge

Fiat is one of the brands with the greatest tradition in the compact segment. The category that more sales brings together in Europe is vital for any marks and in the House Italian not have dear neglecting it. After the disappearance of the former Fiat Bravo has become our new Fiat typestreets. This model borrowed the name of the compact brand sold during the years 1988-1995 and it is presented with three different body types.

Without still the new compact Fiat has changed its approach to have greater guarantees of success. For Spain the previous Stilo and Bravo became more grief than glory and the brand has decided to create a car logical rather than aspirational, since every day customers buy more with the head than with the heart. This strategic decision is not worse than their competitors as you can read in the test that we did and that you can see here.

Thus as to all car newly launched into the market, these days he has had through the scaffold of EuroNcap and according to their car tests he has taken between three and four stars. A priori this score might seem insufficient and even there will be those who dare to say that it is an unsafe car. Who says that is would be wrong of full since by have retrieved that note a car not have why be unsafe or dangerous for our life in case of accident.

What happens is that Euro NCAP has changed the way that performs the crash test and has reformulated how scores to a car. To give a note to a car are valued four aspects: protection driver, protection to minors, risk for pedestrians in case of violation and driving aid. However, the weight that have each one of them four aspects measured is different and that is what makes that a car, as the type, can remove a note normal without being for anything unsafe.

He type has achieved some scores of: 82 percent in protection to the driver, 60 percent in protection to minor, a 62 percent in protection to the pedestrian in case of hit and a 25 or 57 percent with regard to aid to the driving. This variation in the last measured aspect is what makes the Fiat to vary its note of 3 to 4 stars based on aid to driving the model that we looked at incorporating.

With this we want to tell, that Fiat type is a model fully safe and at the same level as your competidores in the first three elements of measurement. However, as the philosophy of the Compact has changed to a more logical, it most of assistants to the driving is found associated to packages optional and therefore if the model not them takes is could understand that is more unsafe, but if them mounted is more secure.

Therefore, what we mean is that If you like the type and you want buy do it with all the confidence, because of unsafe is nothing.

Source – EuroNcap

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