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The Honda NSX GT3 will come to the EMS by the new Acura MDX

Honda NSX GT3 y Acura MDX SEMA Show

The Honda NSX is already among us and continues to open mouths as the first day. Soon will begin the SEMA Show in Las Vegas and there will be the spectacular sports. It will be like Acura, marked with which are marketed models of Honda in the United States. In addition won’t be one version either, but variant of Honda NSX GT3, competition that will debut in the circuit soon.

Although not may arrive to the SEMA by their own means, since not is registered to roll by road open. The solution has been to create a trailer custom, fruit of the collaboration of Acura Design and Jimmy Shine Workshop. It has been taken as inspiration the NSX GT3 rollover cage and its aspect of racing. The 20-inch wheels come from the new Acura MDX 2017, which will also be present.

Honda NSX GT3 y Acura MDX SEMA Show

But as expected, this Acura MDX will not be one either. To bring the trailer with the Honda NSX GT3 had to wear the same colors. Also has lowered suspension, received the rims in black that we had seen in the trailer and some details in Orange as the splitter or the brake calipers. Since then this pair of vehicles will be turning heads where to pass.

Remember that the radical Honda NSX GT3 it bid farewell to the hybrid system and the all-wheel drive. Cumpliar the FIA GT3 regulations carries the engine V6 bi-turbo 3.5 liter accompanied by a sequential six-speed gearbox. The power will be about 500 horsepower. Its approval will arrive this fall and its debut will be in 2017. Before we can see it from November 1 at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas.

Honda NSX GT3 y Acura MDX SEMA Show

Source – Acura

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