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The Mercedes-Benz Classic will have less on the future class A sibling

Mercedes-Benz CLA AMG Line

To these heights of the life, that something was happening in Mercedes-Benz when changed radically the conception of the class to not us surprises. The surprise is it took them when the new iteration of the compact premium of it signature is developed in an authentic success and them catapulted in it more high of them lists of sales (between them signatures premium). In addition, this would be the prelude of the new aesthetic language that has used the signing of Star and has given them such good results.

In addition, in the House of Stuttgart not is formed with the success of the compact and decided to launch to the market the CLA. The small saloon of the firm opened the gates of Heaven (and sales) in markets such as the United States or China and has served so many customers were not interested in acquiring a model they have opted for entering the brand.

Mercedes-Benz CLA AMG Line

However, in question of a couple of years the things van to change in Mercedes-Benz and believe that to much better. The next generation of the class to should be presented the next year and after his replacement to the CLA not you should stay much time to change completely. In addition, arrival to the market it will bring other developments that will allow the brand to become more competitive against its rivals.

These models, along with the new class B and GLA, will be developed on the evolution of the current platform MFA. With it, attending the birth of a compact saloon located a step below the current CLA. This new model will happen to be more small (on the 4.60 meters) and economic that the current CLA. That want to have a more traditional model (coupé more saloon and less) to increase its sales in the United States and China (although also reach other markets).

This new model, the platform on which it is developed (motor in transverse position to progress), it will have a very large cockpit. Its range mechanical will be composed by a mix of engines from Mercedes-Benz and the Alliance Renault-Nissan. In addition, it will also feature with a plug-in hybrid version , and even an electric version.

To end, with the idea of get to a greater number of markets and customers, this model could be manufactured in them plants of Mercedes-Benz of Kecskemét in Hungary, the of Daimler-Beijing Automotive in Beijing (Chinese) and the plant that Nissan has in Aguascalientes, Mexico.

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