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The Mercedes G-class is in the form, reaching 20,000 units a year

Mercedes Clase G 20.000 unidades al año

Mercedes G-class is one of the most special models that has the star brand. It has been on the market nearly 40 years and is one of the SUVs more cigars that we can find. While they may be working on a new generation, the G-class is in the form and production shows. For the first time in its history, have been reached 20,000 units per year at the plant in Graz (Austria).

Because this model is not assembled in one of the factories of Mercedes, Magna Steyr is responsible to do so since 1979. The unit that has managed to mark this milestone is the Mercedes-AMG G63 in white and with engine V8 biturbo 5.5 liter. He is one of the most powerful versions, although above the Mercedes-AMG G65 sits with engine V12 biturbo 6.0 liter.

Mercedes G 350 d Professional

Although the Mercedes G-class is a model that has hardly changed in recent years is a key aspect: customization. On the outside it may seem a heavy duty vehicle and somewhat Spartan, but the brand wanted to enhance the identification allowing the client to choose among many options of interior. In this way it will be very difficult to find two Mercedes G-class which are completely equal…

Gunnar Guthenke, responsible of vehicles SUV of Mercedes, declared that “the production of 20,000 units of class G in a year confirms the high demand of the model and the quality of our vehicles, something very appreciated by our customers”. After 37 years of production seems that this specimen is in the form, we will see what holds the next generation. Is speaks of a great change with an important reduction of weight.

Source – Mercedes

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