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The new Alpine would be ready before 2017

Renault Alpine Vision Concept

After much waiting the return of Alpine is closer than ever. After being unveiled the prototype Alpine Vision Concept, all hoped that the company finally submitted the production model at the beginning of the coming year. But, fortunately for our nails, this presentation could come on and be made before the end of the year. In this way would be 2016 year of the presentation of the new Alpine, a model which will take forward names of the market with which they will have to compete.

The models that you will face include the Alfa Romeo 4 c, the more attractive model for the pleasure of driving the Italian firm and strong candidate to put things that are complicated to the new Alpine. According to the CEO of the company, Michael van der Sande, the next Alpine will be better speaking dynamically, oryou can also be used on a daily basis by the owners, offering a more practical side than most of its rivals.

Renault Alpine Vision Concept

This will be one of the keys of the Alpine, a sporty rear central engine that can be used to unleash your passions on your favorite road and also to go to pick up your daughter to school. All taking into account that you have between hands a car capable of complete the 0 – 100 km/h in just 4.5 seconds. Of the engine still is knows little, considering is the possibility of that the chosen is the engine 1.6 of four cylinders of the Clio RS but powered to near 300 horses of power or, instead, a new mechanical of 1.8 litres.

Either way the new Alpine will be presented, if anything fails, before the end of the year in a private event. Yes, it will not be in a motor, as you might think at first. We will be attentive!

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