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The new BMW X 3 is being shaped in the snow of Sweden (video)

BMW X3 camuflado

BMW is one of the automobile firms still trying to attract buyers based on feelings and passion. It is true that its current range of vehicles is not seeking both sportsmanship and the passion for driving as one or two decades ago, now appearing in a wide variety of SUV models and even some other minivan, but can not say that it has lost completely.

The BMW X 3 is not exactly one of the products that attract the attention of the more purist of the firm; but rather the opposite, since BMW models family X aims to broaden the scope of the public which can be reached. If we add a sportsmanship point to the logical purchase can you win customers both on the one hand and on the other, and it seems that this strategy does not work them bad the Germans of BMW.

The future BMW X 3, as we just saw in the video, is already undergoing tests. SUV compact BMW wheel by the frozen lakes of Northern Sweden, close to the Arctic circle and at temperatures of-20 degrees centigrade approximately. These conditions are ideal for synchronize and tune systems such as those attending the driving, stability control and traction control; not to mention the system of four-wheel xDrive.

We do not know when it will arrive to the market is third-generation BMW X 3, even when it will be presented, but what does seem clear is that BMW model will try to beat the Audi Q5 we tested a few weeks ago. No shortage of latest technologies of assistance, driving, security, and connectivity support systems; some of them directly inherited from models such as the BMW 5 series. On the other hand, we can expect some variant with some sportiness, as it could be an X 3 with motorization “40i”. We have to wait.

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