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The new customers of Tesla not can use free the supercargadores starting from 2017

Tesla Supercargadores lleno

An of the large advantages of buy a Tesla until now was the possibility of use for free its network of supercargadores. Although in Spain the network is ridiculous, in United States and others countries this advantage was more than substantial. But it seems that this will change and that starting from 2017, the use of the supercargadores cease to be free for new customers. As already passed with the buyers of the Tesla Model 3, them new users will have to pay by the use.

The reason given by the American manufacturer is that in this way they can “reinvest in network, accelerate their growth and lead to all the owners, current and future, recharging experience”. To end of year is will give all them details, but is ensure that the current owners may continue using the service as until now. Those customers that ask its Tesla until the 1 of January of 2017 and is delivered before the 1 of April of 2017, also enter in the sack.

Tesla enchufe

The new customers that will remain out of the use free will have some options. Tesla proposes a species of ‘ credits of recharge ‘ free of 400 kWh, with which is could take some 1,600 kilometers (1,000 miles). After consuming that amount would have a small fee by follow recharging. Although still not are have decided those prices, but could have variations between some regions and others.

In any case, say that they do not want to convert the network into a business because it has never been as well. Currently Tesla has with 715 supercargadores and near 4,500 Chargers individual. This news comes after the firm has had a third quarter with good results, obtaining benefits by second time from its output to bag. There will be that wait to see if this limitation of the use of the supercargadores is a good decision or not.


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