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The new generation of the Volkswagen CC might come in 2017

Volkswagen CC 2017 frontal

A year ago, we showed you how it could be new generation Volkswagen CC . Wolfsburg brand would have thought at the next Geneva Motor Show (2-March 17, 2017) to present to the public the final image of his alternative to the Audi A5 Sportback and BMW series 4 Gran Coupe. However, how it often happens, some secrets are not safe at all and thanks to Autoblog.nl we could see which would be the first images of the new CC.

It is logical to think that Volkswagen will launch the next CC in 2017. The reason is simple, the next DC derived from the Passat current and this has been on the market a couple of years. In addition, the current Volkswagen CC has been in the market since 2007, that Yes, with a very deep review in 2012. However, the passage of time accuses the model and from the German House they want the CC don’t comba with regard to their rivals.

Volkswagen CC 2017 lateral

Aesthetically the future generation of the Volkswagen CC will drink of the Volkswagen Sport Coupe GTE Concept that the marks presented in the Hall of Geneva of 2015. In this case, the traits that we can see from the photos they are very faithful to the concept and therefore, thus reaching the market, would be a very serious rival (on an aesthetic level) for their rivals. In addition, as hallmark will maintain its downward with a very sloped rear window roof line.

Mechanical level, it will be mounted on the modern and ultra known MQB platform of the Volkswagen Group. The new CC can be installed versions with front-wheel drive or total 4Motion as in his brother’s range Passat. The mechanical, range will be shared equally, with the Passat with the exception of the basic mechanics. I.e., the new Volkswagen CC could split the 150 or 160 HP. In addition, it is expected to incorporate the rechargeable hybrid version of his brother.

With regard to its interior, is likely to continue to keep the configuration for four passengers and option, if the customer wants it, you can mount a fifth place. In addition, both the interior as the boot capacity will be below the Passat, nothing strange given the type of model that is.

To know more details there will be that be pending, since in any moment could escape is more photos or details technical that we allow know best to the new Volkswagen CC.


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