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The new Land Rover Discovery will also occur in Slovakia

Land Rover Discovery 2017

At the end of last September, during the Paris Auto Salon, the Land Rover Discovery 2017 made his first appearance in public. It’s an important novelty for the British brand, and is that the renewal of this large SUV has been very comprehensive, giving it of much technology incorporating a large number of modifications with respect to its predecessor.

In addition to all the visible technology in the area of infotainment systems, settings and connectivity with abroad, notably not visible technology used for its development and construction. One data more surprising is that the new Land Rover Discovery can be up to 480 kilos lighter than its predecessor thanks to among other things, to the use of aluminum in your body; almost half a ton, which is said soon. This will have an impact in your behavior dynamic, as well as in the consumption of fuel and emissions pollutants expelled by the exhaust.

Land Rover Discovery 2017

So far, we knew that renewed SUV would be produced at the plant of JLR (Jaguar – Land Rover) in United Kingdom, Solihull factory. However, today we have known that the Discovery also is produced, starting from 2018, in a new plant located in Nitra, Slovakia. In 2018 will be when this factory opens its doors. Wolfgang Stadler, director of global production of JLR, declared that “this multi-plant approach ensures that our production can keep pace with consumer demand”.

The first units of the Land Rover Discovery 2017 arrive during spring, although for several weeks already be booked on official dealers. Its mechanical range consists of three diesel engines and one gasoline. The diesel yield 180, 240, and 258 HP, while the gasoline will be top name Si6 delivering 340 HP and 450 Nm. The two lower power use a four cylinder block while the two most powerful six-cylinder feature.

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Land Rover Discovery

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