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The new Porsche Panamera is very close, first teaser

Porsche has already developed the second generation of its luxury sedan, which we will know very soon. The Porsche Panamera has been a success and, although more purist fans of the brand did not see it with good eyes (as occurred with the Cayenne), many high net-worth customers opted for the model of Stuttgart.

Vale than four-door cars are not the most traditional of Porsche, nor are the SUV. However, the elegance and comfort that we find in any of the four-seater saloon, in combination with the ability of the set to go very fast in practically any paved road, makes it a suitable car both for comfortable go on day to day or face long journeys, to give certain joys in a twisted road.

Now has the time to replace it and give a generational leap. At the moment we don’t have many details, although header image makes us see how will be the new German sedan behind.

Porsche Panamera S Hybrid 2011Porsche Panamera S Hybrid 2011

Porsche seems to have increased the hips of the saloon and has given it a touch more current with the back lighting Hips and very flared wheel arches and a few taillights updated optics are the main changes that we see here, on their backs. These pilots lighting is led and a line of illumination saved all the distance remaining between them when you contact them just above the inscription “Porsche”. In this way, the Porsche Panamera you will get a rejuvenation that makes it a day with a more modern and more technological image.

Despite the fact that the mark has not said anything, yet, is expected to a greater possibility of interaction between driver/occupants and vehicle Infotainment system, new and better possibilities of connectivity with the outside and different applications; not forgetting new active safety systems and semi-autonomous driving features improved. Mechanical updates with more efficient engines and less polluting emissions should also get.

In any case, we expect to confirm it 100% and have official data on the table. Porsche will releasing teasers for awhile to get the long teeth until they finally made the official presentation.

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