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The new Suzuki Swift Sport is now in testing phase

Suzuki Swift Sport camuflado

The generation gap of the Suzuki Swift is practically ready, in fact, it is expected that it make its debut publicly at the end of next month during the celebration of the Salon of the car in Paris, while the start of your marketing will come, or to end of 2016 or well at the beginning of 2017.

For spicier version, Suzuki Swift Sport, we will have to wait a little longer, but the brand personnel is already doing the finishing touches. A good test of this are the images that can see in this publication, where a mule of tests of the Swift Sport has been “hunted” by a road of curves and with body camouflaged practically by full.

Despite the said camouflage of it body, is possible differentiate them traits more characteristic of it version sports, as are them bumper of greater size, the less distance to the soil, some rims of design sports with a profile content and, as not, them two generous outputs of exhaust that is found in them corners lower of it behind.

Suzuki Swift Sport camuflado

The current Sport version boasts offer much for a short, i.e., has a great equipment and good driving sensations that make it a lot of fun for a price car enough content. To level mechanical uses an engine 1.6 litres of gasoline that pays 136 horses. This power added to your low weight of little more than 1,100 kilos you allow speed of 0 to 100 km / h in 8.7 seconds, while their reduced dimensions you provide a high agility in areas twisty.

However, be expected that the new Suzuki Swift Sport leave the block 1.6 of admission atmospheric in favour of a engine 1.4 with supercharging by turbo. Surely not win many horses at the top of the counter, but thanks to the turbo if you will get a higher torque motor that will make it more usable throughout the RPM range.

Hope that the future Swift Sport keep all the sportsmanship and sensations of the editions earlier and that its price not is raise in excess, since, as have commented previously, are them points strong of the model.

Images – Motor1

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