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The new technologies are losing the confidence of the users

Ford S-Max 2015 tecnologías y motores

The electronics of consumption has evolved in matter of years what before in a century. Many of their components is have built-in to the sector of the automobile and that is doing that every time go to the market models more complex of use. Also it must be added that driving is evolving towards total automation so that the technological complexity of cars is by multiply in a matter of years.

However, this technological complication is opposed to the knowledge that most drivers that roads currently have. People, by very sunsets are info regarding entertainment and new technologies on board the vehicle always will be about passes for their innovations. This situation causes frustration among users who see how to make a very significant investment to have a competent car but do not translated in pleasure or satisfaction of use.

Audi Virtual Cockpit

J.D. Power has conducted a study to analyze the trust have buyers of cars technology on board carrying their new models. According to its conclusions the confidence that these consumers have in this technology is falling because more and more difficult to use seem to them and not being able to use them are frustrated with the vehicle and the election finally held.

An of the main frustrations that suffer these drivers is when have that connect your device mobile to the vehicle using the bluetooth. According to this study them problems that suffer them customers with the systems of navigation or the info entertainment in their cars grow and already is located in the 20 per cent. However, as users spend more time with their cars these problems diminished, though not to a large extent.

The main reason for these problems is den is focus in that it most of customers that is can allow acquire a vehicle with certain level technological not are prepared for assume so much load technological and that makes that the dissonance cognitive with it buys of the vehicle increase.

Source-J.D. Power

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