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The next Bentley will count with versions hybrid

Bentley Continental GT Supersports

English luxury, Bentley , car manufacturer is experiencing an era of change. The arrival on the market of large SUV’s hyper luxury Bentayga will allow you to gain followers at the same time to increase their sales significantly. In addition, if all this were not enough, its range of models will be renewed in a matter of a couple of years. However the leaders of the signing of the winged “B” are working so that the emission regulations do not tarnish the promising future ahead.

All know that Bentley belongs to the Group Volkswagen and that the situation that lives the conglomerate German by fault of the Dieselgate is rather delicate. Why the head of the firm has confirmed that the next generation of its models will have hybrid versions. But the most important fact is that the Bentayga will be the first model that will incorporate it.

Bentley Bentayga Diesel

If Porsche (another signature of luxury-sports group) has fared relatively well with their version of the Panamera hybrid Bentley not should I irle worse. This solution is the most realistic for any firm emissions figures low enough so that it can continue selling their products. In addition, the evolution suffered by the hybrid systems should not tarnish the good performance that Bentley models have.

Wolfgang Schreiber, CEO of Bentley, said that the Bentayga will receive the same hybrid system that the Volkswagen Touareg, Porsche Cayenne and Audi Q7mounted. It is the solution easier and faster to apply since the four models ride the same platform and major mechanical parts. However it has also reported that firm will to the system so that the comfort of March is not disturbed.

About the Bentley Mulsanne the firm already presented three years ago in the Living room of the Beijing automobile a hybrid concept. Although, it could reach the market with few variations first must work on the adoption of a hybrid system for the next generation of the Continental.


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